Benefits you can see, particles you can’t.

Greater competition. Finite patent lives.
Limited bioavailability. These are just some of
the challenges faced by today’s drug formulators.
As a particle-based therapeutics company, we’re
determined to help you meet those challenges.
We are Nanocopoeia.

Nanoformulation is proven to enhance solubility, increase bioavailability, lower dosage volumes and enable drug development in multiple dosage forms. But no company makes nanoformulation
simpler, more efficient or more cost-effective than Nanocopoeia. In fact, our name reflects our ability to improve the performance of drug compounds
across virtually the entire pharmacopoeia.

How do we do it? By rewriting the book on nanoparticle development with our patented ElectroNanospray™ (ENS) process—offering
an unprecedented set of benefits based on a
simpler, less-expensive way to create
“nanoparticle-based therapeutics.”

We think you’ll like what you see.


Nanocopoeia Competition

Advanced nanoformulation technology


One-step nanoparticle generation process


Operates at ambient temperature
and pressure


Lowers drug processing costs


Enhances drug bioavailability


Compact, contained spray system


Custom engineered nanoparticles
controlling release, targets and size